Message from CEO​

Yasunori Nakagami
Chief Executive Officer

Since my first employment in management consulting, my entire professional career has been dedicated to the support of management enhancement and evolution.

My experience with management consulting has shown that when outside consultants work collaboratively with corporate management, we can drastically change the business, strengthen the fundamentals, and greatly increase corporate value.

"Rather than accepting high consulting fees, would it not be possible to invest in companies with strong businesses and management hungry for change, influence and evolve management, and return the fruits of our labors to investors?"

With that single idea, I entered the financial investment community in 2005 and promoted a constructive shareholder concept. After early trial-and-error, I found that this model can be highly effective at improving businesses and offering unique alpha returns for investors.

I believe that evolution of corporate management is a continuous process of mutual cultivation between different markets and the underlying businesses. Japanese businesses have attempted to answer the needs of, arguably, the most demanding customers in the world in the "products and services markets", thus providing world-class goods and services. Corporate management in Japan also has cultivated a unique relationship with its "labor markets", providing a healthy and comfortable social framework.

However, I believe that the relationship between businesses and the "financial markets" has yet to evolve. As a responsible, long-term shareholder, my hope is to create a healthy, mutually beneficial environment between the financial markets and corporate management through constructive engagement. Through our "Japan Constructivism" model, we seek to successfully merge Japanese management and modern financial markets.

We believe this to be the new frontier that faces Japanese corporate management in their evolutionary stage.