We are “Constructivist.”

Just like management and employees, shareholders should also contribute to enhance/boosting corporate value as a member supporting the company.

This is our conviction in establishing a “new shareholder model” where shareholders also labor in sweat.

Misaki’s Axiom

Sustainable corporate value growth is a fruit of “unrelenting management transformation”.

Because we have been looking at uncountable companies across industries, transgressing borders, we can engage in the quest for “quality management” together with our invested portfolio companies.

Trinity Management

A “new style of Japanese management “ where investors join the circle of management and employees to diversify the thinking process itself.

By incorporating “thought process and skillset of super-selective investor “(that are occasionally devoid of emotion) to companies that are an aggregate of human beings which may be translated “a sentimental organic body”, we aim to materialize management where “Bring Wealth to Everyone.”


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