Misaki’s Axiom

Sustainable growth in corporate value is a fruit of unrelenting management transformation.
As an investor, we have been observing uncountable companies across industries globally. That is why we can engage in the quest for excellence in management together with our portfolio companies.

Excellence in management is the very driver for sustainable corporate value enhancement.

We invest in companies that have outstanding businesses managed by outstanding people. However, unless there are significant change in variables such as businesses and people, corporate value will remain constant.
Therefore, what we focus on through our dialogue is universally and globally applicable management technique and method.
Corporate value of the companies will grow exponentially if excellence in management can be used as leverage for outstanding people and outstanding business, that the companies possess.

It seems to be difficult for investors to know the business in detail better than those who are involved in the day-to-day operations.
However, management is an area that investors have accumulated insights from their regular work as investors such as comparative and time-series analysis across companies.
On top of this, at Misaki, we continue to devote ourselves to deepening our understanding of management through our regularly held study sessions for those who are involved in management, called Misaki m no Kai as well as our regular publication of “Quest for Excellence in Management” which features interviews with excellent business managers.
Based on such mutual trust that we have with companies we invest in, we make engagements focusing on the ability to make profit and support increasing corporate value in a sustainable manner.


Misaki Capital is “Constructivist”

Misaki’s Axiom

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